Get an Aion beanie, drink beer, and watch local films

Early on in the winter season with this frigid cold, it's sometimes hard to remember why you want to be outside when you're laying in your warm bed...but then you turn on your favorite ski/snowboard film and all of a sudden you've never been more amped to get the most out of below freezing temperatures!

Luckily, the 1st Annual Locals' Film Festival here in Jackson is only ONE week away to get you stoked on all the things we love about being a local here in Jackson Hole. And after an intense day of riding, we're not sure there's a better way to cap it off than with Aion beanies, beer, and local films. It's convenient for everyone, downtown at the Rose, with an even simpler date to remember, Friday the 13th.

As for the best part - it's free admission...however, if you want to throw down $10, you'll get an Aion beanie & a beer. Sounds like a Merry Christmas to me! And speaking of merry, the more films the merrier, so if you have any good local footage that you can put together into a short film (less than 10 minutes), you'll help make this event even more fun!

We're assured that by the time all the films are shown, you'll be wearing your Aion beanie to bed just so you're ready for the next freezing morning.



As for the finer details if you wish to enter a film:

> Entries accepted NOW — December 11th

> All Films MUST be less than 10 minutes in total length. Shorter entries will be given preference

> Films must be produced and filmed locally

> Please submit a link to a vimeo or youtube screening

> Include all production credits upon submission

> Include 1 image for your film upon submission

> Questions + film submission: