You need this Junk in your Trunk

What you gon' do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk?

Hoodies that is! It's Spring, and that means we all get a little over-anxious to start doing summer activities. For example, I saw the sun shining this morning and took a run (light jog) in my tee and shorts, only to come back freezing 10 minutes later and see that it was only a solid 21 degrees. Really could've used Aion's Indo hoodie; point is, no matter what your Springtime activities, we all can benefit from a comfy sweater to throw on when deceived by the sun. 

Another alternative, Powder Mag writer Jakob Schiller says he prefers to drink beer or climb couloirs in these ubiquitous and utilitarian garments. Check out what else he had to say about our Indo Hooded Sweater:

"The Indo might be the most comfortable hoody of all time. You’d think there was some cotton in there because it’s super soft, but it’s actually 100 percent wool. That means in addition to being nice on the skin, it’s also extremely warm. Aion touts it as a potential backcountry piece, but I think it’s best suited to for chilly spring nights when you're barbecuing on your friend’s deck. Like the majority of Aion’s pieces, it’s designed in Jackson Hole but made for fair wages by craftsmen in Bali, so you can feel good about buying and wearing it."