LIVE from Bali!

Most of the year, we communicate across the globe via email to our craftsmen in Bali, Indonesia, so it's a nice change to have someone from our Jackson Hole design studio fly over and check out in person how things are coming along. 



Currently, AION owner and designer, Michael Massie, is working on Aion's Fall 2015 mens and womens lines over in Bali. 



We think Mike may be doing just as much surfing as working with these empty 8-12 ft swells ;)



Bird's eye view above Sumba, Indonesia, a gorgeous island about an hour and a half flight east of Bali.



Our newest adventure in Indo is working with this amazing resort on the island of Sumba called Nihiwatu & partnering with The Sumba Foundation. Sumba has one of the highest malaria populations in Asia, but luckily this disease is able to be completely preventable and curable. That's where we come in! We are currently designing a special edition screen-printed tee to bring awareness to this issue and additionally, after each tee you buy, we will give a mosquito net to the Sumbanese people. Together we can save the lives of people on this beautiful island.

Stay tuned for more information on getting your own special edition Sumbanese tee.