Men's Union Contact Pro bindings

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KEY FEATURES Integrated Vaporlite Bushing wraps the whole base in impact cushioning EVA for the smoothest ride Minimized footprint means just 5pct of the undersurface of the binding makes contact with the board maximizing flex and vibration reduction Smaller Minidisk Mounting System is compatible with standard 4x2 inserts or The Channel Its a bindings job to hold your boots on the board but that doesnt mean you should feel restricted by them The Union Contact Pro Snowboard Bindings are designed with a CP3 Base so you get surfy easy flexing feel when youre riding them But what sets them apart is the integrated Vaporlite Bushing that surrounds the base on all sides This does a couple of things first off it gives you a tremendous amount of cushion underfoot with EVA foam between boot and base and base and board you have more capacity for impact absorption and vibration reduction than other bindings can offer But the thing you wouldnt expect is the effect it has on how your board rides Since most of the underhood area is foam just 5pct of the surface makes direct contact with your board This allows for more natural flex than any other binding can offer and eliminates the dead spots other bindings can leave under your feet

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