Gnu MullAir C3 Snowboard 16/17 159

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Spirited Freeride.

Soulful turns down big-mountains, stylish methods from pillow drops, and easy-floating finesse await you when you're strapped into the Gnu MullAir C3 Snowboard. The go-to choice for Swiss slayer Nicolas Muller, the MullAir offers the stability, precise carving, and spring-loaded snap for launching off natural hits, charging steep faces, and ripping across deep snow. Its directional shape features a substantial set-back, combined with slight tapering for effortless float on those bottomless powder days.

The powerful C3-BTX profile is predominately camber, with subtle rocker between the feet for freestyle freedom. This camber-dominant profile offers locked-in edge hold on high-speed carves, but with a bit of extra playfulness and forgiveness. The slight rocker also helps you float in powder without burning up your rear leg after a few runs.

Serrated Magne-Traction edges tenaciously grip across hardpack and ice, allowing you to ride down sketchy chutes and scraped-clean lines without slipping out. The Aspen and Columbian Gold core creates a light, lively feel underfoot, with a triax/biax fiberglass delivering the best of torsional control and quick turn initiation. The Bio Beans topsheet eliminates toxic coatings for an environmentally friendly construction. There's also a fast-gliding, incredibly resilient sintered base that's ideal for ripping the steep and deep.

  • Soulful freeride board offers lively carving and easy float
  • C3 profile is camber-dominant, with subtle rocker between feet
  • Directional shape features a substantial set-back and slight taper
  • Mid-stiff flex retains stability for charging the mountain
  • Magne-Traction edges grip aggressively across icy snow
  • Aspen/Columbian Gold core offers a light, lively feel
  • Triax/biax fiberglass for quick turns and torsional control
  • Sintered base is fast-gliding and durable against impacts

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