Gnu - Zoid Snowboard

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Complicated To Explain, Easy To Ride.

The mad scientists at Gnu are once again redefining our notions of what a snowboard should look like with the Zoid Snowboard. Designed to make snowboarding feel as natural and effortless as possible, the Zoid is a pure joy to carve thanks to its unique shape and precisely-calculated geometry. By now you've surely heard about asymmetric sidecuts that compensate for your naturally weaker heelside turns. Well, not only did Gnu invent that, but they've taken it a step further with the Zoid by making the board directional instead of a twin. This means that you have to choose between Goofy or Regular when buying this board depending on your stance. So, "what's the benefit of all this," you ask? It means that initiating turns, laying out carves, and holding edges feels more natural, easy, and (most importantly) more fun than on any other snowboard you've ever ridden.

Though, you don't have to just take our word for it—instead ask Blake Paul, Nico Mueller, or Forest Bailey and they'll all tell you the same thing: that Zoids are unreal. Rocker between the bindings gives the board a forgiving feel on hardpack and helps it float in powder, while mellow camber under the inserts out to the tips offers pop, power, and reliable edge hold. Magne-Traction serrated edges create multiple and extra contact points for insane grip on icy slopes. The lightweight core features aspen for strength, with poplar at the toe edge to keep things crisp and polonia on the heel for a responsive feel. And, the sintered base keeps you moving fast and holds up against abuse sustained from hidden rocks and log rides. Plus, the Zoid is made in the USA by snowboarders with jobs, so you know it's good.

  • Insanely natural-feeling board control that dominates the hill
  • Asymmetrical sidecut makes the most of your stance
  • Rocker between bindings adds float while camber has pop and power
  • Lightweight wood core offers pop and strength without the weight
  • Magne-traction edges grip hardpack and icy trails
  • Sintered base keeps you moving fast through slow spots
  • Biax and triax composite offers flex and response when you need it
  • Gnu progresses snowboarding while keeping it weird and fun

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