CAM FITZPATRICK // snowboard // jackson hole, WY

Cam grew up in Jackson Hole, WY and has been riding most of his life. He started out skiing at the age of 2 and switched over to snowboarding at the age of 6. Growing up in Jackson allowed him to become an all-around rider when it came to big mountain, parks and pipes, and getting the opportunity to experience the great aspects of life. He loves to film and work with photographers while riding but most importantly, ride with his friends at his home mountain - Jackson Hole Mountain Resort will always be the true backbone of where his riding comes from. Throughout the years he has experienced different cultures by traveling to countries to take photos, film, and compete and he wants to take snowboarding as far as it will let him go no matter whats stands in his way. But when it comes down to it... he just loves to Snowboard.


CARLY DAVIS // snowmobile // wilson, WY

  If you're around Carly Davis for more than a minute, you'll feel her infectious energy. And if you get talking to her, you'll immediately learn about her pure, clean passion for riding sleds. She comes from an angle of no bs, no bad days, pure love and happiness within, and unto others that surround her. In addition to sledding, she loves downhill mountain biking, yoga, cooking, riding horses, skiing, and organizing. 


COREY JACKSON // skate + ski // Salt Lake City, UT

Corey Jackson grew up skateboarding and skiing in the adventure sport mecca of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He is currently 21 years old, and has been skateboarding for 14 years. In the winter your find Corey shredding the mountains of Jackson Hole, and in the summer he'll be tearing it up the Jackson skatepark with other local heavy-hitters. He enjoys the outdoors and going on adventures with people that bring a similar level of stoke. Corey is following his dreams and encourages other to do the same! 

JED WATERS // skate // hailey, ID

13 year old Jed Waters is serious about skateboarding.  He’s been riding since he was five years old and spends an average of eight hours a day at the skate park in Hailey during the summer.  He is also a skier and plays hockey, but Jed says that skating is “his passion and his main sport.”  Jed is also serious about school (he’s a straight-A student), and makes sure to get his homework finished before any and all skating outings. Based in Hailey, ID, Jed is making a habit out of winning contests near and far.

ROB HOFF // snowmobile // wilson, WY

  Rob not only shreds on the sled, but runs a small home building business in Jackson. When he's snowmobiling, he loves to hit the fresh backcountry runs all day long, and during his very limited free time, likes to cook and eat mega healthy. 

ROYER CASH // skate // encinitas, CA

  Richard Camacho or "Royer Cash" is a smooth street skater, who loves those sunny, blue sky days, and hails from Mazatlan, Mexico. If you're around him, he's very quiet, but after you've seen him skate you'll realize he doesn't really need to say much! Richard finds importance in staying connected with family, friends, & sponsors, to ensure that every one is doing well and cared for. In addition to skating, he enjoys drawing, writing, and reading.

SCOTTY HAMMONDS // surf + photo // bali, INDO


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