AION ( eye-on ) is a group of designers and free thinkers living and working in Jackson Hole, California, and Bali. We are a lifestyle brand and Board Shop focusing on adventure and nature, creating a community across the globe through our network of AIONbassadors. Collaborating with craftsmen in Bali and manufacturers in the USA, we produce fashion-forward apparel and headwear. 

So whether you surf, skate, ski, ride, travel, run, create, or dream like us — you're Aion.

All of our products were made by craftsmen making a fare wage. We're not into sweatshops or underpaid workers — so we proudly put people before profits. Raise awareness about where, who, and how your products are made by purchasing and proudly wearing any Aion item. 



FAIR WAGES & FREEDOM – That’s the way it should be. Many of our garments includes a hang tag with the signature of the maker of that particular product. In a world filled with sweat shops and underpaid workers, we are working to raise awareness about where, who, and how your products are made. Did you know that 80% of the clothes hanging in your closet were likely made in a sweatshop by someone working 80 hours a week for less than $1 per hour? We proudly put people before profits and genuinely hope you join with us in our mission to be a change in this world.

BALI — Aion works with local garment makers in Bali, Indonesia to provide unique quality products crafted by hand and made with love.

USA — Aion works with manufacturers in California, Colorado, New York, and Wyoming to ensure more jobs stay local and workers are treated fairly. 



Jackson Hole, WY + Bali, Indonesia — Our design team & storefront are based in Jackson, Wyoming in the midst of the beautiful Teton Range. If you're visiting the Grand Teton/Yellowstone/Jackson Hole area, please stop in and say hi!

Michael Massie owner + designer
Liz Machuca shop + manager
Dustin Varga  Aionbassador + social
Scotty Hammonds      Aionbassador + Bali
Pak Denan  knitwear - Bali
Gustuvan   production  - Bali
Issacc Bar Tender + Ladie Lover