Corey Jackson

Corey Jackson grew up skateboarding and skiing in the adventure sport mecca of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He is currently 21 years old, and has been skateboarding for 14 years. In the winter your find Corey shredding the mountains of Jackson Hole, and in the summer he'll be tearing it up the Jackson skatepark with other local heavy-hitters. He enjoys the outdoors and going on adventures with people that bring a similar level of stoke. Corey is following his dreams and encourages other to do the same!

Current Location: Jackson, Wyoming
Hometown: Jackson, Wyoming
Birthdate: 01/26/1993
Sport(s): Skateboarding, Skiing
Achievements: 3rd Place at the Wild West Skateboard Series stop #1
Other Activities: Skiing, fishing, running, mountain biking, cliff jumping