AION ( eye-on ) is a group of designers and free thinkers living and working in Jackson Hole, San Francisco, San Diego, Australia, and Bali. We are a lifestyle brand focusing on adventure and nature, creating a community across the globe through our network of ambassadors. Collaborating with craftsmen in Bali and small manufacturers in California and Colorado, we produce fashion-forward shirtshats, and beanies.

So whether you surf, skate, travel, run, create, or dream like us  you're Aion.

All of our INDO and USA products were made by craftsmen making a fare wage. We're not into sweatshops or underpaid workers  so we proudly put people before profits. Raise awareness about where, who, and how your products are made by purchasing one of our limited edition "don't sweat it" tees at our Jackson Hole location, or online.