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Welcome to "Distant Lands Series: Sumba,” a limited edition collection integrated into the Fall 2015 line. 
AION has traveled to Sumba several times to develop the collaborative relationship and we are proud to present this series to help lessen the consequences of poverty on the Island of Sumba. Malaria on Sumba is lethal and is prevalent in this area of Indonesia. Currently, the Sumba Foundation is saving 3-5 children a week from catching the deadly malaria virus, and we hope to increase this number, and can with your help. Sumba is a vibrant Indonesian island with scenic tropical volcanic landscapes, the pristine wave-rich Indian Ocean, and a wonderful culture. It is truly a designers dream of inspiration and AION is excited to share the Sumba experience with you.

For this Series, we are working with Nihiwatu Resort and the Sumba Foundation by creating limited edition sweatshop-free bamboo tees that show the love we have for this island. Join AION and Sumba Foundation to fight these consequences of poverty by purchasing a limited edition "The Distant Lands Series” Tee and in turn, one mosquito net, along with many preventative measures, will be given to a Sumbanese in need. 

Come and join the journey of the "Distant Lands Series:Sumba” and discover how you can make a difference by supporting AION and Sumba Foundation.