2018 Jones Mind Expander

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Shaped by Chris Christenson, the Mind Expander has a unique flat with rocker profile to create a fast gliding, powder-oriented shred-stick ready to surf pow like a surfboard and become one with winter. Brand new for 2018, the Mind Expander features a triple density Bamboo Surf wood core that has bamboo stringers positioned in the pocket of the sidecut for better edge response and turn power. Pressing hard into the tail of the set back design sends the Blunt Nose to the sky creating insane float on deep days. The Mind Expander is built with more environmentally conscience materials like Recycled ABS sidewalls, an Eco-Plastic Topsheet and Recycled Steel Edges to reduce the impact on the environment. Expand your mind this season by adding this wicked new freerider to your quiver.